2022 - 2024

We didn't know it then, but when we founded Heystack, the market reset had already begun.

Venture capital was drying and layoffs were on the rise.

It wasn't great, but it was our reality.

We drew satisfaction from rising up to the challenge.

We were determined to outlast the looming recession.

Then came October 7th.

War-Life Balance

The risk of running out of money seemed insignificant compared to the risk of being hit by a rocket.

Getting to a bomb shelter was more important than getting another contract signed.

The war made what was already a hard situation an impossible one.

With a heavy heart, after two years of work, we decided to close Heystack.

Beating the Odds

It's common knowledge that 95% of startups fail, but statistics don't tell the whole story:

We had paying customers who loved our product.

We had investors who believed in us and funded our idea.

We got to do something about a challenge we care deeply about.

We developed new technology and shipped products that made us proud.

Most importantly, we formed an unbreakable friendship and a successful partnership that will carry over into the future.

But the harsh truth is that it wasn’t enough.

We weren't able to overcome the overwhelming circumstances and get to the next stage.

Admitting that is part of the process, and we take comfort in knowing that we gave it our absolute fucking best.

We’re smarter, stronger and more capable entrepreneurs than we were when we started this journey.

We're forever indebted to those who supported us along the way and would like to pay it forward.

We're passionate about all things people, talent, and the future of work, and developed a lot of IP in the space.

If we can help you in your journey, as a founder, investor or HR professional, hit us up.

Kevin & Tal